I'm a graphic designer based
in Berlin. I'm used to investing
a lot of media of expression
such as print, typography,
illustration but also different
digital media. Fond of theater,
my projects are mostly rooted
in the cultural field. Through
cultural democratization, which
is a fundamental issue of my work,
I put the viewer/user at the heart
of my thinking and my creative
process. Feel free to contact me
for any enquiries or collaboration.


University of Zurich
Studio Pat
La Cigogne en Vrac


Paris Podcast Festival
at La Gaîté Lyrique
"Official competition"
Paris (oct. 2018)

PLI 04
Illustration Fair
Paris (sept. 2018)

Puces Typo #8
Typographic design Fair
Paris (mai 2018)

Festival les Nuits des Arènes
3th edition in Paris (Sept. 2017)

Festival Mirage 5th edition :
Mirage Open Creative Forum
& Showroom IDemo in Lyon (March 2017)

Lucerne Poster Festival WELTFORMAT 16
for the exhibition about "Blank Poster"
(Oct. 2016)


Typorama #01 : The Comic Sans MS

PLI 04 - Magazine (sept. 2018)
Architecture & publishing

Graphism.fr - Geoffrey Dorne's blog

The Museum of Printing
and graphic communication
of Lyon (2018)

Gribouilli Fanzine #3 (Sept. 2017)

"Ah, tu fais du dessin?"
4th edition of the magazine (June 2016)